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The Good, The Bad and The Fated. Malifaux tournament, May 24th, Sunderland

Big Ned

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Hi Guys,

I'm running a Malifaux tournament at Worhamma in Sunderland on May 24th, 9:00am-6:00pm

This will be taking place at Worhamma's usual venue:-

St. Anne's Church Hall

Hylton Road


Tyne and Wear


This is a great location, only about 3 minutes from the A19.

It's a 4 round tournament with breakfast and lunch being provided.

The tournament will be fixed master as I would like to make it as accessable as possible for newer players, and provide a challenge for more experienced ones

There are 24 spaces available for this tournament

The price for the tournament will be £15, which will include your breakfast (bacon sandwich) and lunch (e.g. cottage pie, lasange). This is the North East, we like to feed our guests ;)

Payment can be sent via paypal (as a gift) to sales@worhamma.com giving your name and the tournament you're paying for.

The rules pack is available for download here:-


The raffle will feature prizes donated by:-


Counterattack bases

And cakes by Mama Ned

Hope to see you there.

1. Connor Barker

2. David Golden

3. John Wharton

4. Darren Longworth

5. Brian Wardman

6. Joe Taylor

7. Greg Piskosz

8. Paul Campbell

9. Paul Wind

10. Chris Holloway

11. Pete Rees

12. Jimmy Balderstone

13. Scott Parkin

14. Jordan Parkin

15. Mark Watson

16. Paul Andrew

17. James Doxey

18. Andrew Newton

19. Vince Usher

20. Simon Glass

21. Keith Henderson

22. Ant Hoult

23. Liam Dodsworth


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If your thinking of getting the train.

Head to Newcastle Central Station. Get on the Metro and the stop your after is South Hylton. It's the end of the line so you shouldn't miss it.

The venue is about 5 mins walk from the Metro station

Should be a piece of cake for you

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