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Hamelin and blighted!


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I'm a bit worried I am playing blighted wrong can someone explain how it works (is it you add 1 then it goes up to 2 at the end of the models turn I.e it now has 2 on it) or (it just gets 1 on it at the end of the turn so ends the turn on 1) hope I'm explaining this ok I've got myself so confused with it two friends that can't agree on it so we now are all not sure hope someone can help its probably very simple

Cheers guys

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The Blighted Condition remains on the model until the end of the game, so it doesn't disappear at the end of the Turn. It will increase by 1 at the end of every Turn, so Blighted +1 will become Blighted +2 at end of Turn.

Cheers that's how I've been playing it thanks for the help

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