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elinore's scenery projects


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Very well done!! I can't wait to see it all covered in other scenery, too!


Lucky you, to have a girlfriend to help you with it!! Mine would love to see me build stuff, and to paint, and would be fascinated by watching me work... but wouldn't actually be interested in helping. She's not a gamer. She just loves one.  :P

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are the walls still availble separatly or did you go and buy a whole fortified mansion kit?


They are really the best option out ther efor linear obstacles for warmachine aswell as scatter terrain for malifaux but it seems GW dont offer them without a big house anymore. Not keen on the house both from a price point and looks point of wiew.

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Monkeyboy: Thanks! Glad you like them :) Yeah it's really fun. She doesn't play miniature games, but plays video games and board games, and really likes to build stuff so helps out with some stuff that She finds interesting. She wanted to build the whole the Wolsung XIX century block of flats at once when i got it :D i was like "maybe we don't have to do the whole kit today?" Haha. It's got a ton of parts. She also helped me with the electronics in my rail golem :)

Dmeep: Hmm maybe not? i'm not sure. It was years ago that i bought these walls and the GW forest. haven't touched them til now. The walls are really nice, yes. Pity you have to buy a huge kit for them.
The forest has been undercoated. Well maybe it needs one more coat where i missed some parts.

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