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Heartfaux Charity Tournament - May 10th - York, UK


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Hi all

Sam (Secondbreky) and I are going to be running a Malifaux tournament at York Garrison Wargaming Club on Saturday 10th May 2014. This will take place at the club's usual venue at New Earswick Folk Hall (the venue for Monkeefaux last year).

The tournament has two aims:

1- Everyone to enjoy themselves and play some good games of Malifaux

2- Raise as much money as we can for the British Heart Foundation.

In August Sam will be taking part in the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 event which is a 100 mile cycling event from London out into Surrey and finishing on The Mall. It has "leg testing climbs" and part of it was used in the 2012 Olympic Cycling events, so rather him than me ;)

He's riding the race on behalf of the British Heart Foundation so we thought that tapping into the collective amazeballs-ness of the UK Malifaux community would be a great way of adding some extra cash to his funding raising efforts.

The rulespack for the event is now live and can be found here. The rulespack has full details of the costs and and round times and how you pay. The way to secure you spot is to pay us cash ;)

Some things from the pack I want to highlight:

-Escalation format with 2 smaller henchman led games in the morning and two larger master led games in the afternoon.

-Wave 1 and Wave 2 legal. Anything in beta won't be legal.

-Fully painted crews only. You've got three months to get sorted :)

-Proxies are fine with prior TO approval

Please let us know if there are any questions. We have 28 places available.


1 - Mike Marshall

2 - James Doxey

3 - Greg Piskosz

4 - Connor Barker

5 - Nate Zettle

6 - Joel Henry

7 - David Golden

8 - Steve Revis

9 - Shane McDowell

10 - Nathan Chenery

11 - Adrian Mills

12 - Lee Battrick

13 - Ian Brocklebank

14 - Chris Hay

15 - Mike Smith

16 - Andy Figg

17 - Jimmy Balderstone

18 - Matt Spooner

19 - Phil Muscroft

20 - Ben Harris

21 - Paul Butler

22 - Mike Taylor

23 - John Wharton

24 - Darren Longworth

25 - Graham Allington

26 - Graham Bursnell

27 -

28 -

Interested list

Scott Porter

Event sponsored by:


The Malifools Podcast

Counter Attack Bases

Element Games

The Dice Bag Lady (@TheDiceBagLady)


Commission Figurines

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