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Super Dungeon Witch, Spider and Skullbats


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Well, I've been spending quite a bit of my hobby time with Super Dungeon Explore minis, and I've got a few more to show off.
My wife painted up her coven witch and skull bats first, so I felt that I needed to come up with something different for them.  I decided that I preferred to freehand the stars and moon on her hat, and here is the result:
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stunning as usual, sir!  I really dig the freehand stars... very well done.  And those eyes... just fantastic.


I have SDE and initally wanted to paint all the minis... but dang if they don't take a ton of work to get ready for paint.  I stopped cleaning mould lines and such after the first dozen models and just finished slapping them together so we could play.


Some day I'll break out the hobby knife and putty again and get them to the point where I can color them up... 

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