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Need some painting advice


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I don't use ready made washes and I don't use white other then to mix in with other colors to make then into highlights or I use the white as the last highlight.


I used this recipe:


Basecoat-Gun Corps Brown
Highlight 1-Rucksack Tan
Highlight 2-Sulfuric Yellow
Highlight 3-Sulfuric Yellow mixed with Menoth White Highlight
Highlight 4-Menoth White Highlight

It will look very streaky at this point so a glaze of Rucksack Tan over everything smooths it out then go back in with your last 2 highlight colors and touch it up. You can repeat glazes of Sulfuric Yellow and touching up the last 2 highlight colors for several rounds and it will smooth out the transitions in the hair a lot giving it a very soft look.


I was also told to try with Bane Highlight, I presume she meant instead of the Gun Corps Brown.

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