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Lighting Bugs


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I'm too tired to make heads or tails of these buggers.

I brought one or two of these guys in my games during the beta.

The first time he was turned to paste by an unburied Rogue Necro...thank you Tara!

The other time he was solid gold in my Pigapult crew as an alternate slop hauler.

He seems to have received a lot of fiddling with numbers and where/when things happen.

What are some thoughts?

Good? Bad? Ugly little bugger?

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I've been pretty impressed with them. I think their real niche is as a 'problem solver'. They can go after enemies with Armor or Incorporeal and blow through those defenses. They can go after a cluster of enemies and hit them with damage pulses. They can help heal up your own wounded models. They can slow an elite enemy. They are great with Interacting, being able to potentially move twice and interact twice in one turn, via Reckless and Tinkerin' with the Unknown (with a Tome). Unlike most gremlins, they can cluster together without being as scared of enemy blasts and pulses. Their attack isn't high damage, but is quite accurate, and can be used either at ranged or in melee. Getting their triggers and Tinkerin' to do what you want might not always be easy, but they just have so much versatility, that I feel they'll perform well in just about any Gremlin crew.

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I think they make a very solid "catch all" piece.  They have great utility in getting around defenses that are a general weakness for Gremlins (Armor and Incorporeal) while also bringing some nice little bonuses to every crew.  They don't necessarily excel at any one thing, but for their utility and hiring cost they are accessible to all of our crews.


I'm really hoping they have some cool models, because I think they're a great addition to the faction.

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