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Wave 2 final


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Same here i was initially dubious or i should say slightly disappointed about the Kamaitachi but the heal and a push is also very good and more in character with the model.  McCabe now gets enough of a boost from it making Luna less of an auto include.  Overall i like the model and the change of howling thunder is good and poses no threat of abuse compared to the previous versions.


Really liking all the new additions to the 10T.

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Yeah, the Snipers are most likely replacing my Archers in most cases, the added range and ability to melee for the same SS cost is pretty nice.  I was surprised they made it through beta as buff as they are.


Mainly I am just glad that the 10T now feels like a coherent faction rather than a marketing ploy.  It lets one have a home faction that can enjoy the neat toys from the other groups and yet still have a strong core identity.

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