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Favourite LGS in Auckland


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Hey everybody!

So I'm in Auckland for two weeks och was thinking I might just hit up a flgs, if there is a place that seems nice.

It's not really for buying anything, unless i find something really juicy, mostly to go in for a chat and get a feel the local gaming scene.

So, is there a famous place somewhere in Auckland I should see? Know a place with really nice staff or maybe cool dioramas?

Thanks for any ideas!

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In Auckland you do not have much choice I am afraid...... Vagabond is probably the biggest local indy retailer and have shops in Takapuna and City.


Think there are a few smaller shops that are mainly magic and comics, or there is Games Workshop in Saint Lukes. As far as I know nobody stocks Wyrd.


The lack of LGS has lead to a decent club scene however.

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