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I was wondering if there was any movement on making the Unstitched Rules available for PDF download? (This is a plea to any Mods out there who may have the ear of Wyrd directly)

I have the original Box game and at least 2 of each of the expansion boxes along with some of the ltd ed models (teddy etc) so I was really hoping to play with the new rules but having to keep referring to the website is a bit awkward.


I would like to take this moment to say that love that it's now a Vassal module too. I was a huge fan of the 1st ed Malifaux Vassal module from the get go and am looking forward to using it for Puppet Wars now too.

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If it mentions "Free Actions" then the PDF is probably for the original version of the game (actually called Puppet Wars).


Puppet Wars: Unstitched has different rules with some similarities. They play very differently. The Original version was a bit more cerebral while Unstitched is more visceral.


Also keep in mind that the individual Puppet rules on the website are for the Unstitched edition not the original rules that will work with the PDF.

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