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Arcanist Wave 2 Final Changelog from last Beta


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I was going through and checking for changes and figured I'd document them while I did so.  Here's as complete a changelog as my eyes and common sense could manage.  I shorthanded "language clarification" for any changes that didn't have a mechanical effect that I could see or were bringing them in line with other printed version of the same ability, etc.


Compared to Beta Docs 01/21/14


Apologies in advance for anything I may have missed.



*Charge changed from 6 to 8
*Good Shot, My Turn works on ML actions from enemies only
*Warm Up trigger changed from [Ram|Ram] to [Ram|Crow]
*Warm Up trigger only works on enemies
*Follow Through trigger changed from [Ram|Tome] to [Ram|Ram]
*Who Wants Some? trigger changed from [Tome] to [Ram]

Oxfordian Mage
*Student Loans changed to only work with friendly M&SU models
*Flaming Strike trigger language clarification

*Accomplice language clarification

Colette Du Bois
*Cache reduced from 3 to 2
*Death Defying language clarification

Mechanical Dove

*Understudy language clarification. Explicitly allows targeting all friendly non-Leader models as well as a Leader model if that Leader has the Showgirl characteristic.


Coryphee Duet

*Seduction language clarification.

*Magician's Assistant language clarification.

*Immolate language clarification
*Accelerant requires LoS

The Firestarter
*BUUUURRRN! only models tied for LOWEST reflip

Eternal Flame
*Base size changed from 30mm to 40mm


Large Arachnid
*Circular Sawblade damage changed from 2/3/5 to 2/3/6
*Stoke the Flames trigger removed
*Heated Metal trigger added
*Stoke the Flames -> Heated Metal: the words "an additional" removed
*Mangle language clarification
*Temporary Limb changed from within 3" to within 4"

Malifaux Raptor
*Companion language clarification

Mechanical Rider
*Center of Creation renamed Ride With Me Into Tomorrow (same text)

Silent One
*Frozen Statue only works against enemies
*Frozen Shards generated Freeze action may not declare triggers

Snow Storm
*Ice Tornado language clarification
*December's Command language clarification

Soulstone Miner
*Surprise from Below renamed The Enemy Down Below
*Surprise from Below -> The Enemy Down Below: language clarification
*Siphon Essence trigger language clarification
*Mine Soulstone langauge clarification

The Captain
*Relic Hammer punctuation change
*Wind Wall language clarification

*"Get Off the Stage" language clarification
*"Next Act!" language clarification
*Give Them an Encore! renamed "Give Them an Encore!"
*"Give Them an Encore!" may not target the same model more than once per turn.

Blessed of December
*Go for the Throat trigger language clarification

Fire Gamin

Slate Ridge Mauler
*Take a Bite trigger renamed Tear off a Bite

Union Miner
*Companion language clarification
*Stand Together language clarification
*Critical strike language capitalization
*False Claim "After the last friendly model in this Crew Activtates this Turn" changed to "During this Turn's Upkeep Step"

*Set Charge language clarification

Arcane Effigy
*Cleanse Fate LoS requirement no longer explicit
*Arcane Radiance LoS requirement no longer explicit

Mobile Toolkit
*Timed Detonation language clarification
*Sharpen renamed Enhanced Targeting
*Enhanced Targeting renamed Sharpen


Grab and Drop
*Grab and Drop language clarification ("this model" -> "Kaeris")

Purifying Fire
*On the Pyre language capitalization

Born of Fire
*Pyre langauge clarification

Blinding Flame
*Blinding Flame language clarification
*Flee From the Light language clarification

Powered by Flame
*Powered by Flame language clarification ("after resolving the current Action")

Patron's Blessing

Cabaret Choreography
*All Together Now language clarification
*Trick of the Hat language clarification

A Ladys Secret

Nothing Up My Sleeve
*Soulstone Manipulation language clarification

Shell Game
*Shell Game language clarification

Practiced Production

Smoke and Mirrors

Challange the Crowd

Iron Determination
*Cost changed from 2SS to 1SS
*Unstoppable! renamed Sleep Now In The Fire

Frontline Leadership
*"Ironsides" changed to "This model" (text granting Come Get Some action)

Warding Runes

Message From the Union
*Cost changed from 2SS to 1SS

Nemesis Ward

Blood Ward

Doom Ward

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