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Bayou Gator - Final Rules


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Well it seems that the big lug regained his Minion status as well as his Unimpeded Ability.


Personally I think that's great.  Insignificant is totally appropriate on him and will curtail his utility for various Strats/Schemes (especially when combined with From the Shadows), but not completely due to being a non-Peon.


Very happy with the reversal.  Now I'm looking forward to the artwork! :)

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This is not on the topic of rules, but I hate making new threads for similar topics.
I've seen a suggestion for proxies for Bayou Gators and I can't find it anywhere (probably it has gone with previous beta thread) and I forgot to bookmark it.


Does anyone have a reccomendation for gator minis that would fit on a 40 mm base?
Purdy pleas.

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