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Malifaux Wave 2 Cards Available Now


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The downloads are available now, but the actual arsenal packs won't be ready until all of the art is finished and the wave 3 beta is completed. That will be a good few months time, but the downloads are tournament legal and fully finalised so you can use them instead until the finished versions are released (I'm guessing about june/july, before gencon but not by much. That's just a guess though).

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Since the Wave 3 (Avatar) beta is postponed/delayed will that also delay the release of the Wave 2 cards?  It would be a shame if we have to wait until GENCON for us to have a chance to pay money to reward Wyrd for their work.


I don't see any reason (aside from the art being uber slow) to delay the Wave 2 arsenal decks.  I will still buy the Wave 3 (avatar and general upgrades) deck when it comes out.   


I'm glad that we're getting a Wave 2 book but my group and I would like to get our grubby hands on the Wave 2 cards.  


I'm not writing this to troll. I just want Wyrd to take our monies... :)

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