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Bete Noir one puppet army - question


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Can I please get an official ruling on "Under the Bed" - it seems a little bit broken because:


Her controller will stockpile crows so that she can always go back to the toybox if attacked, and then immediately reanimate again and keep going. I know there are counters to this such as things that don't allow dodging, but should there be one or more of the following?:


- a limit to how many times she can use Under the Bed per turn


- a higher cost for Under the Bed


- a rule that puppets returning to the toy box keep their exhausted token. 


I hate to cry cuddle, but it seems being able to cycle in and out of the toybox can be abusive.


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Is your perceived problem based on real games or just reading the cards? The reason I ask this is because I think stockpiling Crows is easier to say than actually manage it during the game. The Bete Noire's attacking ability also needs a Crow, animating her ditto. If you bring her with Seamus you don't need the Crow for animations but his damage reducing ability also drains Crows. Healing from the Nurse too. Animating Puppets, making Dodges forces you to drop cards, and sometimes you can't hang on to the important suit since going first or saving a puppet is probably a more useful option. And even if you do have a Crow to use, activating Under the Bed gives up the chance to make the save naturally with her 6 of Crows defence and maybe you can only bring her back to a not so well positioned workbench. All in all in my played games she did not seem to be broken at all.

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