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Hangin Justice


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So back in 1st Edition I was a big fan of Jack Daw. Loved the model, loved the feel...

So now in 2nd Edition we can make a crew for him. So with the new rules appearing tomorrow I've been getting a crew together.

The nice thing is I play a lot of Rezers so have a decent start to my crew











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SO anyway, new models.

I've managed to build 3 guilty out of parts in my bits box, mainly bits of flagellants and ghouls. They have a nice look, chains, big metal loops in their flesh, one is even in the stocks. I'm trying to get as much of them painted as possible tonight, but 2 should be a good start so I can get the crew on the table.

I have a Jakuuna which I never finished also on my painting table. not an awful lot of her to do.. So I'll get her finished at some point.

I have Papa and a Nurse based and undercoated..

And Montressor, yep he's going to be fun. I've constructed a Hanging tree.. It's not quite the standard configuration, I've added an extra branch to the smaller trees and there is an Eric on one branch and a Nathan on the other... I've also built up a wooden platform attached to the roots which my Montressor proxy will sit on. The nice thing is the base is a legal proxy for him so no worries there. The model I'm using for Montressor is the Tales of War: Demon Barber.. I've drilled out the razors from his hands. then I've got some thin electrical wire from a old power cabel, and spun 4 strands together into a rope. Made a noose and then ran the rope through both of the models hands.. lastly I resculpted his hands holding the rope. He looks great on the platform.. So almost finished. I still have a bit of detailing to do on the tree, some more skulls to add to the roots etc.

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Great painting schems and I love the base on the Hanged and Jack. The metal weight on the female Drowned is a supereb looking metallic effect. Love the twilight/night effect on the ghost guys.
I'm really anxious to see those conversions.

Also did you say Miss Pack as a nurse, originals or new ones?
I can't find where you mentioned it and I can swear you did mention which model it is...

I'm not sure about getting Jack Daw for myself. I love their playing mechanic and I love the old Jack sculpt, but I'm really interested to see the design on the new Outcast undead Tormented people before making any plans.

Lady Ligeia and Montressor have cool names and I hope they and the Guilty will have a great look with late 18th century clothing style with high stockings, possible wigs/pony tails and whatnot (Sleepy Hollow like comes to mind)...

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