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Fortune Falls - 50ss Gaining Grounds (Worlds at War - Livingston, Scotland)

Euclid (#ScottishMeta)

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Hello folks,

It's that time of the month again, another Scottish Tournament at Worlds at War!

Rules pack can be found here - https://www.dropbox.com/s/xvmfdvyzgqmzju7/Fortune_Falls.pdf

There are 16 spaces available, details in the above PDF (It's only one page... give it a read.)

Feel free to message me here or on twitter (@Laundry_King) if you have any questions/for more info.

Look forward to seeing you there. Hopefully we can get another full house.

Entrants List:

1. Jonny West - Paid
2. Andy Mac - Paid
3. Malcom Smith - Paid
4. Jamie Gemmell - Paid
5. Rory Gemmell - Paid
6. David McGuire - Paid
7. Greg Piskosz - Paid
8. David Hamilton - Paid
9. Paul Campbell - Paid
10. Victoria Denning - Paid
11. David Golden - Paid
12. Connor Barker - Paid
13. Steve Clark - Paid
14. Ewan Smart - Paid
15. Geoff Hume - Paid




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Woo, the full sixteen.  Good work Malifools!


Now, shall I use Yan Lo for all my games, or try for one each with the three masters I've actually used in M2E, or just decide based on the match up, strategy and scheme pool [like the way it is supposed to be]?  It won't be the last one that's for sure.

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