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My first crew - Judgement is near


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With ME2 interest in our city seems to be a bit on the rise again.

Before that, my impression was, nodody did play Malifaux, even though some people had crews or did at least know the system.


Anyway, I took this as an excuse to get me my first starter box.

So here are the Guilds Death Marshals








Feel free to critizise or offer advise.



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VERY well painted, Mickmountain! I love the shading and the highlights, and the overall color theory you used here.


One thing, though... and this is strictly from a photographic standpoint... Try photographing with a white or a light grey background... the strong red background is actually reflecting reddish light onto your models, so, even though they have a red majority color theme, it's washing them over with red. Light reflects off of EVERYTHING, except for true black, where it gets sucked in. That's just the property of light. And so when you use a background that is colored, some of that color gets projected onto the model, tinting the color that is truly there. Sometimes it's more subtle than others. But I think in this case, it might be obscuring some of the fantastic color detail you have in the models, which I think we'd all love to enjoy from your work!  :)

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Thanks for the compliments.


The pictures are indeed a bit saturated, frankly I just grabbed the camera and shot a few pics to get some feedback here.

So this is just a printed background leaned against my coffeepot on my desk. No fancy lights, not bothering with lightbalance etc.

The first picture there started out by an accident, but I liked the edge of the desk in the foreground and arranged the models as if the whole posse is just coming over a hill or something.


If you like I can try with a neutral background and proper lighting, if you want to see more of the models. Which might even allow for the Warlock Purpel to show up a little less red. Otherwise you have to keep a bit patient, I working on Sonia and her crew at the moment. (Which might take some time, since I#m a really slow painter).

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