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Why I Love M2E Leveticus

Hateful Darkblack

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Someone asked me during the beta what I like about playing Leveticus. I wanted to play a fresh game with him (using the 1/21 beta rules) before I answered. Finally got a chance, and yep, he's super fun still!

What I love about playing Leveticus:

1. His survival mechanics! He dies easy but keeps coming back in a wonderful way, but his Hollow Waifs are super fragile and must be kept hidden and precious.

2. The way all his models are simultaneously precious and disposable. They all come back in some way or another (except Alyce), but you have to be careful with each one in a different way - keep Ashes & Dust near the edge and activate late, make sure the Abominations leave a Scrap Marker in a useful spot, hide the Hollow Waifs near an ally behind terrain but close to the action, etc.

3. The movement tricks! You can fight a war on multiple fronts and have Leveticus hop between them on different turns using different Waifs.

4. The kill potential. Rusty and A&D and Leveticus all pack a huge punch in different ways. They clear out and claim whole sections of the board.

5. Leaving behind Abominations as kind of hazardous byproduct of combats, especially because Abominations are so very useful in M2E (much more than in 1.5, where they were always speedbumps or DE delivery systems). The extra thrill of turning an enemy model into another Abomination.

6. Crew flexibility. You can pretty much just pick models you like from many many factions, and suit your Crew to the Schemes and your mood.

7. The cyclical nature! It feels during play like you're in a constant cycle of decay and rebirth, where you don't mind getting hurt or dying because you know you will come back. It's appealing that the gameplay really kind of has a perverse philosophy to it.

8. The opportunities for surprise maneuvers! Last game I got a bunch of extra VP on Turn Five by heavily wounding my A&D with Burn Out, then having a Hollow Waif move up and kill it, which let me place a Dust Storm across the table for Outflank and unbury Leveticus near the Hollow Waif on the other side for more Outflank and Protect Territory. There were three people watching and no one but me imagined that as a possibility, even though they were all aware of the Crew.

9. The suspense! Leveticus' play style feels like he's constantly on the verge of losing everything, but always just barely pulling through and winning. There's never a dull moment with Levy. He feels powerful but not overbalanced. He's not exactly a glass cannon, more like a self-destructing cannon that will come back again unless you also smash that glass of water hiding behind a crate nearby.

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Those points you made Hateful Darkblack. All sound really great, I have been watching and wanting Levi for a while now and now that the whole crew picture is up, I am definetly getting the 2e version, propably the best one so far as everything looks just great. I didn't play Levi in the beta, I focused on other masters and I don't have Levi yet, but somehow I get a feeling that is that a bit too much on one master? as you made basically 8 points which are really strong and most master get only a few of those to go by, seems like Levi got them all. Either way, I am definetly hopping aboard on the Levi train (giggidy) when they release that plastic box of awesomeness.

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