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First game with Lilith crew


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For my 3rd game of Malifaux I played 35ss game today with Lilith, Barbaros, 2x tots, young nephilim, and mature nephilim. My own models finally! The strategy was "reconnoiter". No schemes today since I'm still in learning mode. My opponent was using Ramos and several other models that I don't know about.

I'm not super familiar with the crew and their abilities, so things were a bit rough trying to tie those abilities together and figure out how they work. One thing is for sure - crazy movement tricks!

The game ended at turn 5 with a draw at 1VP each. I was left with Lilith and the 2 tots by the end. The mature nephilim dishes out a lot of damage! Tots move really quick and flight is awesome. Unfortunately Barbaros took lots of damage from exploding steam arachnids and didn't do too much.

All in all a super fun game. Can't wait to play again!

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