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WalpurgisGT 2014: Dread and Damnation on the Road to Jacuruku, May 3rd/4th, Bellingham, WA


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Presented by the Bellingham Warhamsters and the FauxShow


Walpurgis is a story telling tournament started in 2011 by Jim Graham. It's currently being run by Dan Miner and Mark Handford as well as a host of volunteers.


This year it is being held at Dark Tower Games in Bellingham, Wa. May 3rd and 4th.


 It's focus has always been on a good narrative creating an atmosphere where you're a character in an ongoing story. It's designed as a more casual than competitive event whereby good people come together from around the region to play Malifaux together. If you want to ask any questions about the site, email me at dan@walpurgisgt.com.


There has historically always been quite a bit of cool stuff that comes with the tournament and this year will be no different, we've already got plans for a custom deck, scheme decks, cool upgrades that affect the story scenarios planned, as well as a model to be used in some of the games and terrain peices that can be used in the games as well as outside of the tournament.


Go to www.walpurgisgt.com for more info!


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I know you guys sold extras of the decks, etc. through the mail last year as pre orders. My buddy did a group order from you last year. As someone who lives in Illinois, I'd love to be able to get my hands on those goodies again (especially since we are on M2E now. I want those scheme cards!) Any chance you will be doing that again? Your fate deck from last year is still my favorite deck yet (and is the envy of many of my friends). 

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