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New gremlin player


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I recently fell in love with the little guys. I have Ophelia's box set and I think that is a great place to start. With 3 super awesome enforcers in the box and a really well rounded Henchmen, Ophelia is worth a look. I run with 4 Bayou Gremlins and a couple of Slop Haulers when I play a 50 SS game. Now, that is with no Upgrades. I like to out activate my opponent with this Gremlin Crew. Honestly, I am patiently waiting for Wong's Crew to hit the market, he is gonna be super-wicked-awesome. Hope this helps. 

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1st suggestion is dependant on whether they prefer the old metal sculpts or want to wait for the plastics. We only have a rumoured release date of March for Somer and Ophelia and April for the Brewmaster.


Somer is a support master, he can summon, buff, de-buff and card cycle. Ophelia is a ranged damage dealer who has synergy with her kin to get more out of them and Bremaster is a control tank, de-buffer and buffer of his thematic crew.


Not even a rumoured release date on the plastics for Ulix, Wong (already in plastic as a solo minature, not in a crew box), Ma Tucket and Zoraida but they are buffer, pig synergy for Ulix, ranged, magical aoe and card cycling for Wong, Melee beatstick for Ma and Shennanigans for Zoraida (Shennanigranny, it's a thing!)

Somer, Ophelia and Zoraida all have box sets currently in metal, Zoraida has the advantage of being dual faction with Neverborn so if they decide to switch faction they've already got a head start but the disadvantage of Zoraida's box (snicker) is it has no actual Gremlins in it.

As a starting point, Ophelia is probably best imo, they'll still want to pick up some Bayou Grems for padding out and Lenny too but as a stand alone box they're probably the most rounded and able to compete in most strats/schemes


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Hey all, a friend of mine is thinking about starting gremlins as a faction. Any suggestions on which box set to go for? And some suggestions I can make about their play style?

 Do you have a prefered play style? Each gremlin master has a different and prefered play style so recommending one would require a little knowledge of what you generally like to play.


I dont really think you can go wrong with the gremlin's though, of course I have been playing them from very near the start (when they were universally lauded as sub-par) so may be a bit biased.

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I think that the Ophelia box set is a great set to start. It will giveyou all the heavyhitters you need and you can use them well in other crews as well. Francois is great in a brewmaster crew and a somer crew.


I think the plastic crews will look awesome and if youcan't wait until then you can get some metal crews fromyour flgs or even ebay.

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Ophelia is the strongest Gremlin master atm and quite possibly the strongest wave 1 master depending on who you ask. Once you have the box all you really need is Lenny and a pack of Young La Croix for an easy 50 with upgrades. Shooting people in the face with 4 damage 'weak' shots is always fun. 


Once you have the game down pat you just need to pick up a single clam of Zoraida and you are pretty much good to go for a Zoraida crew as well.

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