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Iron Man Painting Event - Fort Collins, CO Feb 8&9


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So you like to paint, do you? Well, we can fix that!

Are you painter enough to put brush to model in a marathon paint until you pass out or your eyes bleed?


Starting Saturday February 8th and running until Sunday February 9th, and I do mean running until, we will be doing our biannual painting event. This isn't you momma's painting night, this is a no holds barred, last painter standing. We start Saturday and run until we all give in on Sunday. Painters start walking in around Noon on Saturday and usually crawl out between 2 and 4PM on Sunday.


Don't have that kinda of marathon brush licking in you? Come by anyway. Our own award winning painter will be on hand, along with plenty of wannabes with tips and tricks. A good experience for all levels of painter. It is also a good way to get motivated on that project that's been giving you fits. I will be taking photos on Saturday for everyone's own personal challenges and posting them online so everyone can cheer you on.


My personal challenge: Finish Joss and Izamu, start to finish my Killjoy proxy and my new Malifaux Child, and anytime left will be funneled into other models I have laying around.


Whats yours? Heck, drop it in here, and we will make you an honorary participant if you can't come in person.

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I'm sorry wasn't able to post during the event. But better late than never.

Here are the survivors(sorta, the guy on the front right went home and came back) I am the guy behind the camera.



That is my junk in the foreground. The longest marathon came in at just under 24 hours. I made 20.5 hours. Over 150 hours of total painting in a weekend. An awesome sight to behold.


How did I do on my personal challenge?


I managed to complete all four of the models I set out to do. I finished just after the 20 hour mark with Izamu, who I hope to enter into a painting contest this weekend. I also managed to avoid painting any of my Infinity stuff, and stuck to just Malifaux, so I consider that another win :D


Hope to see some of you at the next one in August!

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