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The Case Files of Captain Griswalde

The Grue

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I will be writing stories based around the cases of  Captain Vivian Griswalde during her tour of Malifaux in the Guild's employ. Let me know what you think or her journey.


One of my plans is for a community type story where other forum members can help the story along. I want to do this a number of ways. Firstly, I think it will make for an interesting developing story if other members can submit characters to be introduced into the story, whether they are for against the Captain. They can be any faction and have any desires. I will try to incorporate them into the story to the best of my abilities. You can post them here or you can send me a pm with the details if you do not want them public until they show up. If you wish to do it this way all I would need is:

  • Name:
  • Gender:
  • Faction:
  • Race:
  • Traits:
  • Background:
  • Desires/ Goals:

The other way we can do this and I am open for either way, is to have different forum members take turns writing chapters to this story. To not intrude upon another member's story ideas the chapter would be from their own character's point of view and would not interfere with or meet with other member's characters unless it is agreed upon by both members. Violence and conflict could also be done between member's characters if it is agreed upon as well. I like this option because if we have enough people involved we could co-write a full story of our own making for the great world of Malifaux and it can shape and grow as time goes on. Who knows, maybe even one day we could have a full novel on our hands, but that is a ways away haha.


So to start out I will put this chapter into place, let me know what you think and if there is anything I should clarify or change. I am open to all types of criticism. I will edit this and add a bit more as it comes to me, just wanted to get something up here so we can get this moving.



To help make things a bit more organized and to utilize the brand new blog feature of the site I have decided to move all of the different chapters there, while maintaining this topic for easy browsing and reading. Each new chapter will get published as a new entry on the blog and a corresponding link will be linked here. Feel free to comment directly on each chapter on anything you liked, disliked, needed clarified, etc, and then post here to discuss the story as a whole or submit your characters or ideas. With your help this can become much more than a single person writing a single story, and turn into something we are all proud of and contributed to. With that said I give you Chapter 1.


Chapter 1: A Different Sort of Case   

Chapter 2: Hard Choices, Easy Answers  

Chapter 3: Not what she was Expecting 


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I really like the start of this. I'll make a character suggestion when things have developed a bit more.


I think the first paragraph could do with splitting up a bit. The new forum format makes it an intimidating block of text. Your descriptions are really nice, but might benefit from tightening up in places. Not too much though as I get a really good idea of the character you're creating.


Can't wait to see where this goes.

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We pick up with the Captain in Chapter 2 as she prepares to evaluate and break in her new crew. They are a fresh batch straight from the academy on their first tour in Malifaux. The Captain had requisitioned this squad to help with all of the strange on goings on that have been popping up lately, namely one case that she has yet to solve. Let me know what you think of the characters so far, and if there is anything I can change. As always feel free to submit characters to be included in the story. We have one player submitted character appearing in Chapter 3 so far, so stay tuned. Now, I hope you enjoy Chapter 2.


Also I added the new link to Chapter 2 in the original post.

As always,
The Grue

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I am finishing up Chapter 3 and have included Brewmaster's "Thaddeus 'Bill' Compton" and just wanted to check to see if there was anyone else wanting to insert characters/ antagonists/ allies/ into the story. Let me know here or through a pm and look forward to Chapter 3 soon.



As Always,

The Grue

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Chapter 3 is up on the Blog! The link will be in this topic's original post.


We pick up with Captain Vivian Griswalde as she prepares her recruits for their upcoming assignment when an urgent message comes through ushering them out the doors sooner than she expected. What emergency could be happening to pull her and her squad out on such short notice?


Let me know what you think and if anyone wants a character in an upcoming chapter. Brewmaster's Character was in this chapter.



As always,

The Grue

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