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Monkeyboy's Model Mayhem


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Well, I thought i'd post some photos of the models I've done, both in 1st and now in 2nd Edition... I have seem the BRILLIANT models that a lot of you guys have painted, and I know I don't compare, so please, any comments and criticism is more than welcomed! The photos aren't great, as I didn't have the pro equipment at home that I do now. I just made do with what I had lying around.


Here is a 1st Ed. Arcanists crew I painted for my now ex-wife. She never did get into playing, but I enjoyed painting these.


Snow Tiger Cerberus





Ice Golem (weird incandescent yellowish hue in there, that was from a terrible light I used, along with my fluorescents... sorry about that)








Ice Gamin



And a Lilith crew that I was commissioned to do, but ended up not being able to finish it, because I was getting divorced at the time and didn't have the time to complete it. I still feel bad for that. But at least the ones I sent him were nicely done, I thought.








And here's a shot of the Teddy figure that I finished last night for my new Pandora crew, just shot with my camera phone this morning...



A little small, and not shot well, but not bad for a phone.  :)

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Thanks! I was thinking of painting thin white lines horizontally and vertically through the green parts of the heart, in order to make it look more like plaid, but I don't want to screw it up, if things don't end up looking the way I want them to look. I should try it out in Photoshop first, and see how it might look.


Thanks for the comments!


Just started Baby Kade today, too, and he has been a lot of fun to paint!! I can't wait to finish him up. Maybe by this weekend.

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Finished Baby Kade tonight! Again, using the iPhone camera, which has crap for depth of field, but it's just gone midnight, and I'm not dragging all my photo crap out to just shoot this guy...  :P  But he was LOADS of fun to paint! Lemme know what you think...






It's not that I WANT to shoot him on a blue background... it's just the color of my ironing board...  :D

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Thanks, Sybarite! I don't know if they are inspirational (I definitely have to defer to Mako and SpiralingCadaver for that honor, among the countless other incredibly talented artists here!!), but it is very kind of you to say so!


SC, you have some stunning work, as well, so your compliments really come with some weight. Thank you! 


I am finding that the Wyrd Base Inserts are so characterful for all the models, and I am having just as much fun painting them as I am the rest of the model. For Teddy, one of the most fun bits was painting the building blocks on the base that I added from the Orphanage Accessories blister. They are just a little detail, but they add so much to the ambience of the model. I am looking forward to painting Candy (I have tried to solve the problem of affixing tiny plastic feet to a metal base by putting a metal building block just at her heels to stabilize her... we'll see how that goes), because of all her detail, and the fantastic base she has, though I think I really need to paint Pandora. Kinda important. She's a bit daunting, though... so much detail, very shallow in areas. I was looking at the primed model this morning, and I have no idea how I am going to paint her eyes...  :huh:

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Thanks, Viruk!


Still currently working on Pandora, a little at a time. Honestly, I'm a little intimidated to paint her eyes... not that I can't paint eyes, but just because they are much smaller than normal eyes on a heroic sculpt. I think even my thinned layers of flesh tone are starting to fill in the detail. Same with the red basecoat on her hair. The strand detail of her hair seems SOOOOO shallow... I'm afraid of gumming it all up. We'll see how it goes. Hopefully I'll have a photo up soon, if I'm lucky.

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Finally finished a Sorrow! Sadly, it was the first model I started painting in my Neverborn crew... Just kept putting him aside for others, like Teddy, Baby Kade, and Pandora. I am almost finished with Pandora, just need to finish painting her base insert, then need to seal her.  Will hopefully have a pic up tonight, since I will be gone for a week for business!


Here he is... C & C are always welcome, please!




Inspired by a lot of you here who are masters at OSL (SC, Mako, Ratty... I'm looking at you...), I tried a bit of it, myself, on this one. I had done a bit on Baby Kade, from the rift in the floor, and it came out okay. I really like the effect on the body and arms of the Sorrow. Not so much on the floor...  :(

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 I had done a bit on Baby Kade, from the rift in the floor, and it came out okay.


You are selling yourself a bit short (or fishing for compliments :-))

Kades base looks really good. Well Kade himself as well by the way, although I liked the metal sculpt better.

Your Cerberus and Ice Golem are my favourits, really nice.

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Thanks for all the compliments, everyone!! No, definitely not fishing for compliments, Mick... :) I just know that I am in the company of some truly exceptionally talented painters!

Now that I'm on a train to New York City, I am really missing having brush in hand so I could finish up Pandora and get working on Candy! Wow, Pandora's hair is much more of a challenge to paint than I first realized...! Hopefully I can get her done next weekend, when I'm back home. I'll be keeping an eye on the Forums, though, for more images of incredibly well-painted models!!!

Thanks again, everyone!

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Baby Kade and the Sorrow look great, I love the grarish green and purple you've used.


You say you're not happy with the source lighting on the Sorrow's base. If you use that purple to "knock back" the original carpet colour, that should sort that out. The light hitting the wooden floor is fine as it is!


Perhaps for another suggestion would be to brighten up the source lighting the close it gets to the Sorrow?

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Been slacking on photographing Pandora, because I'm not so happy with her. On the table, when I play, she looks fine, so she is a good gaming standard. But her face is so damn hard to paint, and I can't get that sultry, manipulative look in her eyes that the art for her has... 


The OSL on her hands, jawline, and cloak gets to be a bit too much, as well... the light in the camera washes those areas out really easily. Not sure how to combat that in the camera. Overall, though, I'm pretty pleased with her. She's meant to be a playing piece, after all.  :)




And Candy was a LOT of fun to paint!! Luckily, her eyes weren't as much of a pain in the ass as I had thought they'd be. Painting the blocks that close to her legs, actually, was the hardest part. This is the first of my crew that I have painted differently from the art (purple in her ribbons and dress instead of dark slate blue). I wanted to still keep to the purple/green theme that my crew has. Peeking out from behind her legs is a single building block, painted yellow, that is instrumental to keeping her attached to that base... Her feet have the only contact points to the base, and they are almost impossible to hold her without snapping off. The block helps. I am still VERY delicate with her, though.




Criticisms and critiques are ALWAYS welcome! It's the only way we get better! Thanks!

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