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Iron Quill- The Clockwork Giant Voting


The Clockwork Giant  

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What a great set of stories this round! I haven't gotten to everyone just yet, but I hope to leave some comments for each of you before the end of the contest. It's awesome to see all the chatting and feedback you're all giving each other. Some of you are new faces, and it's great to meet you all. Also good to see some of the older blood back too! ;)


Now, on to business!

This poll is open to everyone. Please vote! We've got some great stories to share, and the writers have done some great work. Please comment as well, we all love to hear from readers! The winner will be announced February 10th, 2014.

Please PM to me your weighted votes. You have three votes to hand out. Your top pick will get three votes, second will get two votes, third will get 1. Don't forget to submit a vote here in the poll. This is a total of four votes that authors can hand out! Please note, you cannot vote for yourself with a weighted vote! (As a note, if for some reason you can't PM me your votes, put a post in here and I'll arrange an alternative route for you)


Now, on to the stories!

Hateful Darkblack: In the Shadow of the Black Mountains

Ashenlion: A Chain of Clockwork

ThePandaDirector: The Right Man

Brewmaster: Eyes on the Prize

ScrewedUpDice: Cog Fight

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Well done and good luck to everyone that entered.

This has been a really great round to be involved in. Certainly it's been useful to read what people think of my stuff, and hopefully my own replies in that regard have been helpful. There's been a fair bit of tweaking of stories this round (not least my own utter turn around) and that's been an interesting thing to see.

Thank you to everyone who commented on either version of my story. I look forward to anyone else's input, especially seeing what Edonil says.

I'm still disbelieving at Hateful's speed in getting a story posted (and the unusual and innovative style), and impressed with Brewmaster's flurry of new short stories outside of the Iron Quill .

The next round looks like it'll be very interesting. We all seem to be pushing ourselves.

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