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Leveticus and abominations


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So with the official wave 2 cards almost out I've decided to start working on my Levi crew. Looking over the last version of the beta docs i can see that most of the crew seems to be able to summon abominations. I was hoping someone who had more experience with him could help me out. i currently have 6 of them. Just from reading his cards that seems like it might be too little. How many do you have for an average game? I'm looking to run his themed crew mostly so Alyce, ashes and dust and so on.  Also my group normally plays 50 ss games.

thanks for the help!

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I have been playing a lot of Levi and in his last version I have never had all six of my Abominations on the board at one time.

Between four of them becoming a Desolation Engine, their overall squishy-ness and Levi's tendency to kill his own stuff at times I would say that six is enough.

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