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Translucent models


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generally speaking plastic cement is going to be your best bet, since it'll hard-bond them and won't fog. I found, to my surprise, that Kroeger Inc. Insta-Cure gap filling glue worked well, even though it's a 'superglue'. (Purple look).


I've tested it on a bit of sprue I cut and then glued to itself, just to figure out. It is transparent, doesn't fog, and though it's a bit matte, seems to fix any gap issues. I highly recommend testing things out on the sprue itself first, just to make sure that by the time you get to actually doing it, it's not too late.


I thought heavily about LEDing it up, but realized it'd be much more nuisance than benefit on a model's base. I have ordered transparent bases for them, though, and will likely end up doing a display base for them that I'll rig up with lights at that point. Hopefully Pandora, Candy, and Kade (who will be painted) will have enough light access underneath that when underlit, they glow an eerie green through their skin! (I am of course leaving Pandora's box flame unpainted for this purpose as well).


For removing mold lines, go about it delicately with a hobby blade, and then buy either glosscoat (spray or brush, your choice) to go over the places you had to clean up to return them to their nice shiny look. Be VERY careful to use an incredibly sharp blade so it doesn't stutter across the surface, causing unnecessary roughness.


Good luck! I've been putting off actually assembling mine until the bases come in, and I'll do an update when I start the mad assembly.

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