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Silly Barbaros question


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Hi there,

Please forgive the newb question (even though I really am new to malifaux), but does Barbaros have the flight ability?

I ordered myself the mother of monsters crew box, but it hasn't shown up yet. The updated card for download doesn't have that ability...yet the Nephilim box I picked up has flight on both young and mature models. Thanks!

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This question comes up so often that I know the answer even though I've never looked at the card.


He's under some sort of curse that keeps him permanently young, which also cripples his wings and prevents him from flying. I suspect details are in his entry in the main M2e book.

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Humans magically severed the tendons in his wings.  In lieu of flight and Nephilim savagery, Barbaros learned to use weapons, armor, and battlefield positioning.  He is a terrible opponent that mixes the brutality of the Nephilim with the Human arts of war. 


The people who forced him into this state have been rewarded with one of the most dangerous Nephilim outside of Lilith and her Sister.


PS.  Use Nimble to slide around behind opponents you are engaged with and slam them into the waiting arms of Lilith and the Tater Tots using his Macuahuitl.

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Despite earning practically zero VP by himself ever,  my opponents all get a look on their faces like they smelled rancid meat when they see him on the field. 


They hate him.  Use their hate.  Make them deal with him.  Fears Given Form and Nexus of Power all day.

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