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New forum bugs

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I've been browsing the new forum on the default internet browser for Android v4.1.1 and while reading a thread for a minute or two the browser crashes. It's happened a few times on different threads.  


I've also had problems with some of the post formatting buttons in internet explorer, i.e. can't select text and change font size or color (the selection is cancelled so that no text is selected), and trying to add a url with the link button freezes the page (can't create a link, can't cancel the pop-up, basically have to refresh the page and start the post over).  I don't have these issues in chrome.



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ANyone else having problems with messaging other people? Seems to be working only when the addressee is online as I keep getting "The member ......................... cannot receive any new messages"

I tried to message you and got the error "Oops! Something went wrong!



You already have the maximum number of messages that you are allowed to store. In order to send a new message, you must delete some existing messages."

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Keep in mind, not everyone has PM's or messages turned on automatically - as a matter of fact I had mine turned off on the old site (for various reasons) and when we moved accounts over, changed it so that we could test it out. 


Also if you send a lot of private messages or conversations and haven't gotten into the habit of deleting those, you may want to. Folks may have filled up mail boxes as well from the old site. I 'could' delete them, but there might be something in there that folks are interested in keeping for one reason or another.


There is a reason why I asked everyone to go through and double check their settings in the user control panel. I may look into an option to just 'switch it all on' and have folks go back and turn them off again, but that's just annoying for them as it is for folks who haven't taken the time to readjust settings. 

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