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Justin Gibbs, Mack Martin, and Wyrd LE Prizes at Nova Open


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EDIT: 8/11/2014:


Urban Lasercraft has come onboard as a sponsor! I'm quoting Nova Open head honcho Mike Brandt's post in A Wyrd Place (a great Wyrd Facebook community).



Thanks to Will Urban, every Malifaux attendee at the NOVA Open is going to get some INCREDIBLY AWESOME custom mahogany scheme markers, as well as an assortment of other radical lasercut items. Photos pending! It also looks like we'll have staff-signed copies of Crossroads as swag. It also looks like there might be some special stuff headed our way that you otherwise can only find at GenCon or waiting for online sales to go up in the Oct-Jan timeframe, though I cannot confirm or deny this at present. Why aren't you coming to http://novaopen.com again?

EDIT 8/4/2014: Here's the latest information update.

Wyrd has stepped up in a big way to provide support for the Nova Open. Justin Gibbs will be in attendance, and he's not coming alone. He's bringing a big bag of goodies with him in the form of prize support and signed artwork and rulebooks as prizes and as items for our charity auction. If you want the Gencon LE model experience and you can't get to Gencon, you will want to find a way to the Nova Open.


Justin will also be leading a special designer seminar going into the depths of game design, what it's like in the Wyrd studio, and his insights into Malifaux, Evil Baby Orphanage and more. He'll also be hanging out in our charity lounge along with Wyrd freelancer Mack Martin.


The terrain is finished, and looks amazing. Our terrain experts have outdone themselves and our tables will be second to none. You can see the WIP pictures here: http://roadtonova.blogspot.com/


Our guidebook is approaching being finished, and you can see the cover here: http://wyrd-games.net/community/topic/98409-justin-gibbs-mack-martin-and-wyrd-le-prizes-at-nova-open/?p=743879




It's official: Eshadie and I are the leads in charge of the Malifaux events this year at the NOVA Open.

It's held in Crystal City, Virginia, right next to DC. Dates this year are August 28-31. We're ironing out the events schedule today, and we should have more information to post here soon.

Registration for the con opens today, and event reg for Malifaux should be before 2/15/14. EDIT: Event Registration should be live on 3/1/14, but the event primer packet should be available on 2/15/14.

More about the NOVA (Taken from the website)
40K GT is prepared to host another 256 players with Torrent of Fire scoring support.

Invitational is drawing more of the top players nationally and internationally.

Trios Team Tournament will debut as a one-day Thursday event.

NOVA Open’s own Narrative leads bring exciting new ideas sure to thrill.

Fantasy is back, with a new lead and the NOVA Open build team is creating top-notch terrain to their exacting standards.

Warmachine/Hordes’ Masters Tournament has been chosen as a Warmachine Weekend 2014 qualifer.

Flames of War is introducing Junkyard Battles to add some good, clean fun to the lineup of events.

Infinity, with two dynamic co-leads, is leading the NOVA Open build team in creating some of the best and most prolific terrain

X-Wing lands at the NOVA Open 2014 as a new system with two strong leads and a lot of exciting plans for new, creative and innovative play.

Malifaux is also launching at NOVA Open 2014 with two impassioned leads and promises to be a big draw with a lot of fun events in the mix.

Blood Bowl rounds out the slate of new events; as the game in highest demand by the staff for years, it ices the cake for 2014.


The Capital Palette, NOVA Open’s miniature art competition, is preparing for its best year with a new location and improvements to lighting, display cases. It is also inaugurating the Artists’ Raffle, adding to the many opportunities for artists to win great prizes.

The NOVA Open 2014 will offer at least thirty (30) hobby seminars, taught by seven outstanding instructors, with more topics than ever before. The schedule has been designed to allow players and attendees from all events to have dozens of opportunities to learn these special skills at the feet of the masters.

Whiskey & 40K is the most up-t0-date Blog anywhere for information and conversations about the NOVA Open

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Pretty excited to see Malifaux at the NOVA Open. I went last year, but only on a day pass to checkout the vendors and things since Malifaux wasn't at the event.


When I saw that the registration wasn't actually open until March, I just set myself a reminder to register then.  Is the waitlist being used to judge interest or something? because if that's the case I should probably pile on to that instead of waiting...

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Please put yourself on the waitlist for the Malifaux events! It'll help us gauge interest and allocate appropriate space.

We are using Gaining Ground rules for our events, as appropriate. Obviously, if we do a narrative event, it doesn't apply, but all scored events should use that format. :)

We are looking at having a longer round time, so as to avoid as many incomplete games as possible. Specifically, time to move from table to table, and to take care of all the before game shenanigans. That  way the round time will be pure playing time, and not time for accounting.

As for proxies, we will also follow Gaining Grounds, with the exception of unreleased models with no suitable prior metal versions, like Brewmaster or Shen Long. Those models will judged on a case by case basis to see if they are representative of the units for which they are proxies. If you have a question about whether or not a model would be acceptable, message myself or Eshadie ahead of time, so we can give you the all clear months in advance. Otherwise, you are depending on our best judgement on the weekend of the event, and that may cause some heartbreak for both of us if the model is an inappropriate proxy. We are looking at having a 45 day cutoff period prior to the event for proxies, so if a set gets released 46 days prior to the Nova's beginning, you should have ample time to get that set painted to a table top standard. Obviously, all smoke/transparent/dayglo sets will follow the rules in Gaining Grounds, I.E. they need no paint.


Our mission primer should be ready on 2/15/14, and will be available on the Nova Open website under the Malifaux section at that time. 


We're already gearing up the terrain train, and we're going to keep you all informed about our progress via the Nova Newsletter, which we will link here. 

We look forward to seeing you all there! 


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I signed up today for the wait list at NOVA, looking forward to the actual registration.


Will this tournament be Wave 1 only or will Wave 2 models be allowed as well?  I guess I missed the Wave 2 stat card beta, cause I can't seem to find them.  Either way I can make it work, was just wondering.  Thank you!!

Good question! Wave 2 models will certainly be allowed, as Wave 2 models will be legal as of 2/11 (assuming the date doesn't slip). I don't recall the timeline for the Wave 3/Avatars release, but if the rules are released in a timely manner before the Nova, we'll consider them too.

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Mike Brandt showed me some mock-ups for two of the terrain set ups we'll have this year, one being "Badlands"


The other is Frozen Tundra.


Both seem interesting, and a unique play experience. We've also got some ideas for the swamp boards, but we're working those out as we speak. Stay tuned.

Pics stolen from this blogpost:


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Exciting news!

We are pleased to announce that Justin will be attending the Nova Open, and he's bringing a slop hauler's bucket load of Wyrd support with him!

We're nailing everything down right now, but some of the key points involve having Wyrd models in all of our swag bags, having all of our events, from the Enforcer Brawl and the Hardcore, to the Singles, Doubles and Story Encounter - and even the Achievement League!- is going to have Wyrd model prize support. Justin and the studio are breaking their pens as well, signing Wyrd artwork and rulebooks that they're donating to the Nova Open Foundation, to support charties like Child's Play and Doctors Without Borders. 

And there's still more news to come! 

That's in addition to the 54 spots on gorgeous terrain, custom built to spec from one on ones with Malifaux veterans. The cold black hole where my heart used to be is overflowing with joy! Well, mostly necromantic ichor, but certainly some of that is joy! (Sorry, I've been playing a lot of Tara recently.)

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