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A bridge too far? - Painting the Unstiched box


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With the new forum up and running I hope it will be easier to upload pics so I thought I would show my progress with my PW box that arrived a few days before Xmass. 44 unpainted figures looking at you is certainly a bit intimidating at first but I could have a good start using the holiday season freetime. 


A few things about my plans. I wanted to paint all (same kind of) minions a little bit differently than their brothers while keeping them together with certain similarities. So that you can see at first glance that those are say Gunslingers, but the blue is yours and the red is the enemy. In order not to deprive the attention from the models themselves I went with a plain basing method. Simple green with brown rim but I also added random shapes of tiles representing the left-over fabric of making dolls. These were painted to various patterns and with the usual faction colours so that you can tie together the Guild models by the red-brown cloth scattered around them.


I also bought 30 mm bases and painted the rims to the basic colors of the player counters (yellow, green etc.) so that you can get a firm visual help to separate your models from the enemy. Finally I magnetized the bases which facilitates setup and playing a lot.


So here I stand right now:



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I like the painted 30mm base idea - the coloured Wyrd bases is an alternative I'll use as I have loads I'm unlikely to use for anything else.


Having painted 88 puppets (I painted the equivalents in metal for a PWU launch last year), so don't let the numbers daunt you - it's well worth the effort.

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