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<!--url{0}--><br><br><span style=Hey folks,
For a bit now the software that we had running our CMS, forums and a few other bits and bobs around here has been held together with string, duct tape and a bit of good ol' fashion voodoo and frantic prayer. It worked, it just didn't work the way we wanted to, and any time you changed one thing, another issue popped up. Time for a bit of an overhaul!
We're fairly pleased with the new direction that we've taken as it allows for a more robust use of its software capabilities as well as a whole slew of options available for the admins and moderators keeping the site in check (and hopefully a fun, and spam free place to visit). There are also a whole slew of new options for you in your user control panel (take some time to look around in there) where you can freely follow forum posts, participate in the live chat box where several of our designers will hang out from time to time, build a blog, post your game pictures in the gallery or download the latest game files and accessories.
If you use social media such as Facebook or Twitter you can now also link your accounts directly to them and if you find something that you like you can quickly have it posted to your wall in Facebook or hashtagged and retweeted. We'll also be integrating the new online shop directly in a few days so that if you have an account, or ever purchase (which will automatically create an account for you), it'll be linked so that you can easily jump back and forth between the community features, as well as take advantage of community loyalty coupons. 
With every roll out there are likely to be some glitches, particularly when moving a large amount of users and data from one software to another, so please, while you're taking a look around, if you see something that doesn't look right or just doesn't work in a manner you expect it to, please let us know and we'll do our best to sort it. 
In the mean time, look about, explore the new options, be sure to update your avatars and signatures, and if you have a blog, feel free to take the time to link it in the blogs section (either directly here or an external link). Enjoy, and let us know what you think!

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I believe all you need to do is log in via the Facebook and it'll take it from there. Rodent did it the other day (and it changed his avatar and some of his settings automatically). 


As I'm not a Facebook user (shock, outcry!) I've got no real way of testing/telling you from personal experience. If it creates two accounts or does something odd, let us know and we can merge.

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