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M2E Team Tournament @ Games Plus - Mt Prospect IL- March 2nd, 2014


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M2E Team Tournament Adepticon Primer 2014
March 2nd, 2014

Registration & Set-up: 10:00am – 11:00am

@ Games Plus
101 W. Prospect Ave
Mt. Prospect, IL 60056
(847) 577-9656

Entry Fee: $20.00 per team - This includes 2 raffle tickets.


1st Place – TBA

2nd Place – TBA

3rd Place – TBA

Sportsmanship – TBA

Best Painted Miniature – TBA

Multiple Raffle Prize – TBA

Additional raffle tickets can be purchased for $5 each.

M2E Team Tournament Rules

Tournament Organizer

The Tournament Organizer, or TO, is the sole authority at Malifaux tournaments. TOs are expected to be fair and equitable in their adjudication of debates and rules questions. Regardless of the outcome, a TO’s decision is final. Players are encouraged to work out simple rules disputes among themselves because the round clock does not stop while waiting for the TO to answer questions.


Malifaux is designed to be fun for all players. Players are expected to behave civilly and respectfully at all times. When asked, players should provide the information and statistics for models as well as any additional public information. Activations should be played in a timely manner, and players should allow opponents to
cut their Decks.

Warning System

Players are given a single warning when their behavior toward other players or the TO is considered unacceptable. If the behavior persists, and the TO determines the player to be a disruption to the tournament, it is within the TO’s authority to disqualify the player from the tournament. Don’t be that player.


There is zero tolerance for cheating (other than Cheating Fate, which is, of course, encouraged). If the TO determines that a player is cheating, the player will be immediately disqualified from the tournament.

Painting Requirement

All Models must be assembled and properly based. Models do not have to be painted for this tournament. Proxies are allowed for unreleased models from Wave 1 or 2 of Malifaux M2E if they accurately represent the model. Each crew of a team may contain only one proxy. You must have the latest official printed stat card for each model in your crew including proxy models. Official Wyrd PDF printed stat cards are allowed.

Wyrd Approved PDF Stat Cards

Wyrd official approved stat cards released on their forum in the form of a PDF can be printed and used in the tournament. You must be able to mark and remove the damage on the stat cards. The printed PDF cards can be laminated or a plastic top loader can be used to place the card inside. Worse case a clear piece of tape can be placed over the wound boxes so they can be marked and removed with a dry erase device. Dice or any other markers will not be allowed to simulate damage on a model.

Conversion Rules

Conversions are an excellent way to show off your modeling skills. If using a model that was converted with manufactured pieces, no more than 33% of the finished model may be built using other game companies’ models, while the rest must retain the original sculpt. You may convert a model using 100% Wyrd products but 50% of the model must retain its original sculpt. All converted models have to be approved by the TO preferably before the day of the tournament. If you wait until the day of the tournament be prepared for the possibility that your converted model may not be approved.

Basic Rules

Round Time Limit: 150 minute time limit, including 10 minutes for crew selection and setup.
Strategy Selection: Fixed Shared Strategy TBA.
Schemes: Fixed Scheme Pool per Round TBA.
Game Size: 70 Stones per team (35 Stones per player/crew)
Scoring – TP/Diff/VP


10:00am – 11:00am – Registration & Set-Up
11:15am – 1:45pm – Round 1
1:45pm – 2:30pm – Lunch
2:30pm – 5:00pm – Round 2
5:15pm – 7:45pm – Round 3
8:00pm - Awards

Crew Construction: Single Faction

At the start of the Tournament, the team will sign up with a specific faction and follow the Hiring restrictions for that faction as normal to hire their crews. The same crew will be used each round with no changes allowed.

Model Rarity is handled on a crew basis. Example: If your Masters are Lady Justice and Perdita, both of your crews can contain an Executioner. Unique models may only be taken once per team. Example: In the above example only one of your crews could contain Nino Ortega.

Each player will control their own 35 stone crew by using their own control deck and soulstone pool.


Each turn each team will nominate one player to flip initiative for their team. That player uses his/her own control deck and soul stone pull for the flip. Only his/her models can affect their flip or their opponents flip.

Example: Team A (Lady and Perdita) are playing against Team B (Lilith and Pandora). Team A selects Lady to flip initiative. Team B selects Lilith. Lilith has a doppelganger in his crew so Lilith will be able to cheat Team B’s Initiative Flip (from LILITH’S hand not Pandora’s) before soulstones are spent to reflip the Initiative Flip.

Model Activation Sequence

After initiative is flipped, the winning team selects one team member to be the first player and the other player to be the third player. The opposing team then selects which player will be the second player and which player will be the fourth player. The turn then begins with the players activating in the order selected above. This order remains the same through the entire game turn. When a player has run out of models to activate his phase is skipped.

Examples: Team A has won initiative. Lady chooses to take the 1st Player card. Perdita is then left with the 3rd player card. Lilith then takes the 2nd player card leaving Pandora with the 4th player card. Lady will then activate his first model, followed by Lilith, then to Perdita and finally Pandora. This order will remain the same for the entire game turn.

Player Elimination and Activation Sequence

In the event that one player is eliminated from the game his teammate then gains the option to activate on either or both of the activation phases.

Examples: Pandora has been eliminated from the game. Team B had one initiative this round so the Lilith player can now choose to activate his models on either Phase 1 or Phase 3. The player must activate on at least one of those phases but can choose to activate on both if there are inactivated models to do so.

Byes and Scoring Byes:

If there is an odd number of Teams in the Tournament, and no ringers are available to fill in, the TO will establish Byes for the Tournament. No Team should receive more than one Bye round in an event. When a ringer is available the Team should compete against that stand-in opponent with the results of the Encounter never being worse than a tie for the player.

First Round Bye

The last Team to arrive at the tournament receives the Bye.

Second Round and later Byes

Each round, the Team with the lowest total Tournament Points (TP), who has not yet received a Bye, receives the Bye. If the Team with the lowest TP total has already received a Bye, the Team with the next lowest TP total receives the Bye. If that Team has also already received a Bye, the next lowest receives the Bye, and so on.

When a Team receives a Bye, the Teams score sheet for that round is empty except for the word BYE for VP. The final scores for Teams with a Bye are not calculated until the tournament ends. At the end of the Tournament, follow these steps for all Teams who received a Bye:

1. Score each Teams TP, DIFF, and VP.
2. Multiply each of those scores by the total number of rounds in the tournament.
3. Divide each of those scores by the number of rounds that the Team played (should be 1 less than the total number of rounds).
4. This is the final score for that Team.

Round Pairings

First round pairings are random. Effort should be made to avoid pairing the same Factions against one another if able. After the first round, the TO pairs Teams based on their Tournament Point (TP) scores. Teams will always play other Teams with similar TP scores. After round one, and continuing for all rounds, Teams with higher TPs should be paired off against one another, while Teams with lower TPs should be paired off against one another. In the event of multiple ties, pairings should attempt to be made between differing factions, and then paired by similar DIF scores and then VP scores.

Tournament Points, Victory Point Differential, Victory Points

At the end of each Encounter, Teams count the VPs they earned that round. The Team that earned more VPs than his or her opponent wins the Encounter, and the opponent loses the Encounter. When each Team earns the same VPs, the Encounter is a Draw. The number of Tournament Points a Team receives depends on if they Win, Draw, or Lose the Encounter.

Tournament Points [TP]

A Win awards 3 TP to the winner, a Draw awards 1 TP to each Team, and a Loss awards 0 TP to the defeated Team.

Victory Point Differential [DIF]

Note the difference between the Teams VP at the end of the Encounter. The Team with the higher VP score receives DIF equal to the positive amount of that difference, while the Team with the lower VP score receives DIF equal to the negative amount of that difference.

Victory Points [VP]

The amount of points each Team earned. The Team with the most VP is the winner of the Encounter. If the VP are tied, the Encounter is a Draw.

Calling Time

The TO will inform Teams when there is 10 minutes left before the round ends. At the end of the allotted time everyone stops play and Teams count their Victory Points (VPs).

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Mother Nature's son Mr. Freeze hit the Chicago area again. The heavy snow forced a few players to miss so we were unable to have the Team tournament. BUT, we quickly switched it to a Singles tournament and were still able to play Malifaux and have a joyous day of flipping cards and finger pointing :) I appreciate everyone who braved the snow and attended the tournament! 



The results........drum roll please.......





1st Place - Victor Szafranski - Resser 3-0



Yes Victor won again. But, he switched factions and played his trusty Seamus along with a zillion Belles. Well not a zillion, I think he hired 7 and summoned 3 more lol. Gratz to our Tournament Champion!



2nd Place - Joe Deheve - Arcanist 2-1



Joe did a nice job playing Marcus. It was nice to see the beasts running around unfettered. He had to work extra hard for his second place finish. He and Brian finished tied in all categories. They were forced into a flip off from their respective decks. Each flipped a 5, yet another tie!$#!. The second flip yielded another 5 for Joe but a 4 for Brian, ouch. Gratz to Joe. 


3rd Place - Brian Schlottman - Neverborn 2-1



It's been quite a while since Brian graced us with his presence at a tournament. Brian is one of our favorite people and a true sportsman! Welcome back Brian, we hope you continue to attend our events through out the year. Tough luck on the card flips but Gratz anyway. 



Sportsmanship - Sean Overton - Neverborn



Sean is still in the infancy stages of figuring out his Pandora crew. Teddy let him down on numerous occasions and mostly served as a bullet magnet. As always, Sean has the perfect personality to endure a whipping. Thanks for always having a smile! Hopefully he didn't kick the dog when he got home.



Painting Contest - Brian Schlottman



Brian continued his duel with Joe by exacting his revenge for his 3rd place tournament finish. Brian beat out Joe by one vote to win the painting contest! Lol. Gratz again Brian.




Masters played in the Event:



Pandora - Three people played Pandora, how fun lol.





Jacob Lynch






Pictures to follow......................

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