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Italian Tournament - 16 march - Milano


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At last!!!
sunday 16 march 2014 we will run the first italian malifaux tournament!!!

the place is (as always) the game club U.E.S.M. (via Sant'uguzzone 8, Milano, ITALY)
the program for the day is plane and simple:
10.00 opening up, collecting registration and so on
10.30: start with the first game!!
12.30: about an hour to have lunch and vote for the painting contest (best single wyrd mini)
13.30: let the second game begin
15.30: last game...
18.00: declaring winners!!!

the format will be quite simple: one list worth 40SS for all three games!
strategies will be Turf War, Stake a Claim and Reconnoiter
schemese will be chosen from a pool as per Gaining Ground

prizes for the mayor (1st classified), the vice (2nd) and Counselor (3rd), and also one prize for the Milanfaux Official Artist!

stay tuned for updates!


1- AndyP.
-- entombed
-- Luigi from Verona
-- Barbabrother
-- Flavio from Genova
-- Manuel

-- Luigi from Verona


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and we did it!!!!


12 players made battle for being the first Mayor of Milanfaux!!!


Riccardo "hoogie boogie" is the first Mayor of Milanfaux, winning all 3 games, scoring 10 victory points per game, ending with an astonishing difference of +21 with his dreamer crew


Flavio, form the sunny city of Genova by train, end second, earing the title of ViceMayor with his Ramos crew


Rubbe ends third, so Perdita brings the title of Consouler of Milanfaux


the official artist is "barbagianni" with his Viktoria of ashes


a BIG thank to every partecipant, and also to the ones that did not came ;)




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