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Zoriada and Samurai


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There's a thread in the 10T section on the Samurai so i thought i start a thread here as Zoriada can hire him too. Has anyone had any experiences using him with her. Something i noticed is the shoulder gatling doesn't damage the Samurai when he's obeyed and a Nurse can heal him if he fails meaning the Samurai tax of holding a 13 isn't as much of an issue.

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If you take the Samuri with Neverborn Zoraida then you can give him Pact, which mitigates the risk of missing thanks to a Black Joker. Dirty Cheater from the Gremlins might also help, although it kind of negates the point of having :+fate :+fate :+fate on his gun.

Mind you, I think there's better things Zoraida could get for 10SS, unfortunatley.

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