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What has happened to Through the breach?

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It'd definitely be nice to be brought up to speed sometime soon.  In theory the backers are supposed to start receiving packages in not much more than 6 weeks.  The TtB mini-page here notes that the book is in final editing and layout to be printed, but nothing is said about a timeline for that.




Through the Breach, the Malifaux RPG testing has been completed and is now in the final stages of editing and layout before being sent off to the printers.

A big thank you to all of our Kickstarter backers as we move forward in completing Through the Breach and giving us the chance to bring this exciting project to fruition.

Backers of this project will be informed when the printed product is in hand and we will ship and complete the project immediately after. It'll take a bit longer before it makes it to the public through distribution but we'll keep you appraised.

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