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Gremlins vs Rasputina


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Hey everyone. Looking for advice in this particular match up. With Snowstorm, and her insane range, and movement shenanigans, I pretty much get tabled by her with little to no effort. I can't lock her down with that "Guarded Advance" (or whatever the 3in push/armor +1 is called) and SnowStorms movement ordeals. All the armor in the faction makes half of my Dumb Luck triggers pointless, and the crazy AoE means my out numbering does very little.

Even trying to match her for range with Rami and a Pigapult ends poorly for me. So my question, how do you guys deal with her as a gremlin leader? I can't get to her. I can't out shoot her. And I can't lock her down to ignore her to focus on the schemes and objectives.

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I'm having issues walking to her or moving to her. And seeing her (as she usually hides behind a wall of Snowstorm and Ice golom) But, I do not have quite the experience with the Brewmaster as I do with Ophelia and Som'er. Ophelia I used to be able to get to her with the old Jug rocket/threaten' gun abilities, which got errated out. And Francious just gets eaten alive by her just walking out of melee range, and then unloading on him.

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Going up against raspy is about positioning. Don't bunch up. Do what you can to put curse's on negative flips. Don't hand her an opportunity to paralyze your mooks. Just stay away from her nodes until you are in a position to clear them. Stay the hell away from devour. It's cat and mouse, and unfortunately you are obliged to play the mouse.

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