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Tara & Buried Facebeatings


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I've had a thought whilst trudging through some threads today and thought I'd ask the question before I throw it onto the table.


Tara has taken a Death Marshall and poor old Lady Justice has been unfortunate enough to get herself buried (via Pine Box or Tara). Then 3 Void Wretches and Karina proceed to use their special attacks to beat on Justice while she's buried.

Question - Would Justice be able to declare any defensive triggers such as Riposte? For that matter would she make defensive flips at all?


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So some things first....

Models need LoS and range to target a model with just about any Action in the game (unless it states otherwise). Also, buried models do not activate as they are out of play.

Now to answer your questions.

Yes, all models which are buried still flip when resolving an attack and yes all conditions still resolve normally. (So void wretch attacks and burning from Karina).


No, can't declare triggers out of play, see FAQ.

Hope that helps.

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FAQ clarification (forgot to check that)
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So in essence in the scenario presented in my original post it is possible for Tara to bury something and then have the Wretches beat it's head in without fear of reprisal for the duration the model is buried. Also said buried model may not declare triggers but can defend itself using using Df and Wp as normal as well as Soulstones if able.

Thanks a lot for the help!

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