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Hi. Ugh...so this is a little embarrassing. I just built a model of Sonnia in the new plastic and...she leans. Like, way back. I dunno if I did something wrong, but her knees and shoes look pretty correct. Does anyone else have this issue or did I do something really, really weird?

Kinda...pole vaulty.

edit: On second thought - she looks pretty boss like this. Maybe she SHOULD be illin' hard. Kinda...I dunno...more intimidating that way.

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I'm afraid to say my Sonnia Plastic stands up perfectly straight. It's sounds as though you may have done something wrong? I followed the instructions and she came out fine however if your happy with the way she looks then roll with it! I put my Lazarus's legs on backwards and then realized. At first I wasn't too happy but then I got used to it and thought "Hey! I have ED-209 Lazarus style!" and I've found others have done the same deliberately. If it works then it's a win!

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