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Young Lacroix and single use upgrades


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This may be obvious to experienced Gremlin players, but I am new to the game and had a question about young Lacroix and their ability to use Ophelia's attack action upgrades; particularly one use upgrades like jug rocket. My question is that if a young Lacroix uses Ophelia's Jug Rocket via "Gets Into Everything" does Ophelia still have to discard the upgrade? Also, once the upgraded is discarded can the Young Lacroix just give it to her again via "Here You Go!", or is the upgrade discarded for the remainder of the game?

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The Young Lacroix using the upgrade still counts as the upgrade being used, so it's discarded. And they can totally reattach it (so if you have a full set of 3 young and Ophelia, it's entirely possible to get 5 shots of one gun in a turn. 2 from Ophelia with a reload inbetween, and a shoot/reattach from each young.

Hope this helps!

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