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Levi vs. mccabe 50ss


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I know the beta has wrapped up and the cards are as close as we will see for the next few weeks. Bare with me this (as well as my last one or two) batrep(s) is scatterbrained as I am almost always awake with the baby. At the bottom take my observations and grips with a grain as this is my first time facing some of these things and I had sticker shock on levi and ashes.

I am somewhat sleep deprived (3 week old) and had to work early yesterday so the details are a little scattered but for the most part here is our games and my observations. I tried hard to test some of the things I hadnt before the beta.


standard deployment


assassinate/ plant evidence

main street deployment (lots of buildings with a big tree in the middle, some terrain off to the flanks and throughout the town)

mccabe badge/shirt/potion

toshiro training

ama training

3 10t brothers



waif x2



ashes and dust


void rat

I deploy first put mccabe luna and a brother on the left flank, ama on a roof left side and toshiro and 2 brothers middle right

he deploys watcher ashes waif levi opposite mccabe, ryle and laz middle and waif and void rat right

first turn is usual shuffling around i give ama the potion I do get ama to obey ryle into taking a shot on a waif for light damage and i give fast to one of the 10t brothers for next turn

i activate first on turn two

activate ama using recalled training then charge ama into levi using the obey on ashes to swat levi (miss) and attack twice leaving him at 2 but I am engaged with levi and ashes

He activates levi and does 6 to ama then goes away leaving a waif

I use luna to go up give ama defensive and drop a marker on terrain

he swings with ashes taking me to 1

I activate mccabe and give ama the shirt, using the push to engage the waif and watcher as well as ashes i try to reactivate luna but fail (i should have given ama the badge but didnt for some reason, it made sense at the time)

ryle moves up and shoots a brother doing light

I activate the fast brother drop a card for the 3" place and double walk to engage ryle dropping a card for defensive

he activates laz missing the brother with the first action i cheat in a book making him defensive 2 he misses with the rest of his shots i get another book in there

I activate a brother and charge ashes, doing 1

he tries to disengage with his watcher and fails

I activate toshiro giving the last brother fast and move up dropping a card for defensive

he tries to disengage ama with a waif and fails

my last brother using a mask to place 3 then triple walk to engage the last waif

he activates the void rat *which i completely forgot about* and runs throught the buildings to occupy the quarter

(I get assassinate from levi killing himself, he gets 1 from reconnoiter we each have 1 evidence marker out)

I get turn 3 initative

activate ama healing 2 from the potion, take ashes down to 1 getting my proc off to heal more (i have 5 damage on me at this point), i companion luna to give ama defensive again and plant more evidence

He activates ashes and does a couple damage to ama leaving me at 3

i activate the brother on the waif and do 1 making her slow

he activates the waif missing the brother

i activate toshiro to give the defensive 3 brother fast and moving him into the middle of the board engaging a waif, laz, and ryle

he activates the waif moving her around the brothers engage to a door and plops laz in the building

I activate mccabe taking back the armor, try to give luna reactivate (fail) try to hand off the badge (fail), kill ashes.

--------here is where things get hokey (in my mind at least), so ashes breaks apart the core is too far for mccabe to hit and the dust is basically right next to it---

he activates levi and dismounts mccabe, takes a shot at luna (misses) puts out a waif

I activate a brother and kill a waif

dust moves to the core and assimilates

I activate my last brother engaging laz

he activates the core doing aoe pulse dealing damage to luna ama and mccabe

he activates laz kills a brother

he activates ryle killing a brother

he activates his rat placing more evidence

turn ends ashes comes back levi is basically at full off the table about to take over a waif

(we both get 1 from reconnoiter)

turn 4

he gets initative, kills mccabe, takes toshiro to 1 and disappears

I run toshiro to a building in the corner trying to stall out reconnoiter

ashes moves to challenge the quarter with toshiro

Ama engages ryle and tries to obey him to kill a waif (no suit), hits and does light

laz kills the last brother

he shuffles around some to take 3 quarters

(he gets 1 from reconnoiter 2 from assassinate)

turn 5 starts and game is over

7-10 levi wins

notes from the fight

dont take toshiro with mccabe. to much support. I am sure he is good - probably with more shooting - rather than the brothers. His summon (in my mind) is not worth the point. I will say take this with a grain of salt as hard to wound did nothing with levi on the table

10t brothers at df6 base were much better than 10t brothers at df5. I still cheated out of melee range every chance i could the place is just that much better but the worst ability on the line is armor. more than anything because you want them to activate late when you start stacking defensive. I never used the melee range (cheated out of that every chance i could) for the place to get around terrain some and help them get where they needed to be. The melee would be much better and I would want to use it if it lasted until next activation. I would like to see the armor change into something else.

Ashes and dust being able to assimilate as soon as it is blown up is insane. How is that not a (1) so you at least get 1 turn to try and take it down? I acknowledge grass is always greener but that seems crazy. The core was blasting all my models then it comes back full. Early game my opponent thought it was weak, broken, and overcosted. As soon as it died and came back the cost made sense to him.

Mccabe is...mccabe. even with crit strike on his saber his damage seemed lackluster, if he loses that it will be worse. I still think his gear should have a equipment subcategory and he can get 3 of those for one choice then get 2 upgrades for himself. I am a minority of the community when i say I would be fine if he loses all the passives from those gear slots and just purely hands them out, and then give him black flash as a mccabe upgrade make the badge 2 and flash 1.

Ama is awesome, love that 10t have her she gives good support and some mobility with flight. 10t seem to be lacking incoporeal and flying thats so this helps.

Ryle is good. I think he is a solid choice, especially with laz copying his abilities. they synergise in the 'this is op' (when played against you) but it is good.

Levi. I know he is controvercial. My buddy was very unhappy with all the changes going into the game. Post game he was much happier. Channeled casting ignoring hard to wound is insane, he made mince meat out of toshiro and was just happily blowing people away all game. Had I not managed to get the charge with the obey on turn 2 it could have been significantly uglier. Whenever he got into trouble he would safely evac to another waif. He is good. Super damagey, very mobile with the waifs, and constantly coming back is awesome. -side note though, if assassinate is in the pool thats a free 3vp to your opponent on turn 1-

all in all it was a good game with swings. I had a chance to see some things I hadnt played against lately on a good table (terrain layout). some things could still use tweaks but overall great experience

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side note though, if assassinate is in the pool thats a free 3vp to your opponent on turn 1-

Uh, Leveticus can never become killed or sacrificed, he instead becomes buried thanks to Pariah's Soul. So the only way to score Assassinate against Leve is to have him buried when the game ends.

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