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In search for Image organization for promoting


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Hi there Guys!

I'm writing because I need some help to organize better my Malifaux promotion, also I'm sure that other people will find this useful.

I find it difficult to show pictures of 2E painted miniatures, because on the official shop site or malifaux site I can only find 3D renderings, such as on the crew boxes.

Searching through the internet i found some material, but it's random(sometimes not well painted) and not official. Like for example I found this on google writing dark debts 2edition malifaux:


Very nice btw.

I would like to have something like other miniatures site have, something like an official miniature showcase, so if people ask me: " hey I'm curios to see the miniatures painted so I can figure out if I like them" I can give them what they want ^^

Is there anything that maybe I missed? I searched in the Gallery section of this site, but i found a lot of 1edition miniatures, not what I was looking for.

It all would make showing Malifaux more comfortable to me, and I hope also for you ^^

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