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Hunt for the Golden Egg - 13th April 2014 - Hasselt, Belgium


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There will be a tournament on 13th April 2014 in the Oberonn Hasselt
(Kempische Steenweg 27, Hasselt)

It will be:

3 rounds
50 SS crew
Fixed master
Wave 1 + 2  (no avatars)

Prices for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and last place. Also a price for best themed model or scheme markers (see rules pack for more info)

Strategies will be:

Turf war
Stake a claim

Entry fee: 5€

Rulepack: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cwoibuhzso311d8/Hunt%20for%20the%20golden%20egg.pdf

Signups can be done by sending a pm or replying to the thread. We are aiming for 16, but more are also welcome of course.
Please add your faction in the response thread. You don't need to reveal your master.

See you there

Hunt for the golden egg.pdf

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TO: Squirrelfreak (odd man out)
1. Yazza (Arcanists)
2. Cambion Daystar (Arcanists)
3. Loen-Y (Neverborn / outcasts)
4. Jeckyl & Hyde (Ressurectionists)
5. Adanedhel (Outcasts)
6. V.g. Lovecrafter (......)
7. Citizen B Civilian (Guild)
8. Dinfangion (Guild)

9. Brecht (Arcanists)

10. Senju (Arcanists)

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With 50SS Pool, do you mean that the games will be of a 50SS size, rather than a 50SS pool of models or upgrades?

If so I won't be joining.

It is too easy to counter specific masters like Pandora with certain upgrades.

(Like Perdita's or the Gremlins Stubborn upgrade, which usually is situational), and it makes sure hard counters cannot be avoidedby picking another master.

I'm sorry.

I like playing with you guys, but this tournament format has already been shown to be hugely problematic balancewise, and I do not plan on going through that again.


Philippe (from the Puppeteers)

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I'm sorry if that will be the reason you won't be attending. We aim to be a laid back tournament for all players.

I've gotten bad experience with fixed master tournaments, since they encourage jack of all trades masters.

Even worse, considering you can choose your minions freely every battle, and have perfect knowledge of the opponents masters, you encourage horrible matchups.

(For example, when playing against Leveticus, a Viktoria player could decide to take 3 Void Wretches, which for the Viktorias is usually a very poor choice that no-one would seriously contemplate, but specific in a matchup against Leveticus that becomes an excellent way to break Levi when he's down. ANd since minion choice is free, there is nothing the Vikks have to lose by that choice)

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I will be looking into a fixed faction tournament in the future, for now this will be the format.

I've seen and played in those and I feel comfortable in this format. Also it allows new players, who only have one master to play with, to go out and have a good time and experience a Malifauxtournament.

If you have some other remarks which we can use in the future, feel free to pm me here on the boards or on facebook in our Malifaux Hasselt section.

Kind regards

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You know what, I have a better idea than staying away.

I'll come along, and bring the old man with me. (Where the old man is off course Leveticus.)

He's in a position where this kind of tournament really benefits him, and allows me to illustrate my points at the table.

(Against the more experienced players themselves at the very least. Newbies that I happen to face will get a non-Pariah list against them, out of principle.)

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still remember that a tournament is not always about the winnings or to win at all,just to have fun by gaming,so what if the minions match up is high for every faction and to start off,wave 2 is still in its beta fase and on the 10feb they might change to get it balanced and a game is always played on 50ss base WITH upgrades if it wasn't that way,it would be way off balance

so please keep in mind a tournament if for fun and not for winning,thats whats malifaux all about THE FUN!!!!

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