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Honestly, I figured it's because she has knee thick slow everywhere she goes, making all terrain severe, effectively(her Wk would than be 6 but always get cut in half when moving, which sounds about right)

Of course, then she should have unimpeded, but I guess she needs to go extra slow on uneven terrain, because she can't see the pitfalls and ankle turners...

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I'll have to reread Book 1, but does she EVER move during combat? In the fluff, I mean. In M2E, I seem to remember all of her combat had her just standing there.

In book 1, her fight with Lilith implies some speed (movement or defense) on Raspy's part, that most certainly doesn't get translated into rules, but we can just assume a Red Joker (or Black Joker, given the right upgrade) flip on Raspy's part and maybe an ace or other low card on Lilith's flip (combined with no cheating from the Red) to allow for this one instance.

I don't think you see Raspy dodging or running around outside that one instance.

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