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Can someone help my theme?


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So I really like Raspi's crew... in terms of mechanics and rules at least. Raspi's fluff... meh... I can take or leave it. For a cannibalistic ice doomsday cult, her model doesn't really.... inspire me. Plus why the hell would anyone want or offer to work with cannibals! Didn't really work out for Joss....

The ice golem and ice gamin are pretty good, quite like those. The Wendigo.... the wendigo is ok but don't like it being attached to a superfluous model.

I did have an idea of using PP Hordes Circle of Orboros models and create a druid-themed force but pricing it up, it would cost £100+ to do the crew. So that is pretty much out of the window...

Then I had the idea of a cenobite-freak crew using Dark Eldar Urien Rakarth and such... but maybe that would be too OTT and so probably not good.

So I could go back to the icy theme and try and find an alt for Raspi, Silent Ones and so forth. Maybe a wizard or such... Maybe something completely different. I had the idea of "Nurgle" (for want of a better concept) themed one but then that wouldn't really fit with the rest of the Arcanist faction.

Maybe Khador models... they have an icy theme. But no idea what to use...

So.... what other themes could work with the Arcanists? Any ideas welcome.

Could do a desert-themed crew instead of ice. Helldorado Saracens....


But only this model really stands out as appropriate... unless others think differently.

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I'm not sure if you're saying you aren't particularly interested in using the Wyrd models, but if you are I think you could fairly easily convert the theme from ice to desert.

Switching to a primarily brown colour scheme would allow you to make the robed models appear if they are wearing those long white or light brown robes that are worn in the desert, or maybe duster jackets.

The golems could be switched to rock golems also if you want to keep a unified colour scheme.

I imagine that that wouldn't look too bad!

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What I am saying is that I am unsure on how to theme the Raspi crew... I could simply replace Raspi with another model from another range or something, but not sure who... I could use the Khador Greylord from Warmachine possibly, but then what would the other models be (besides the constructs that could stay the same).

So I am asking what group of models could make a theme so that the crew looks like it ties together yet also fit within the Arcanist range.

I still like, and come back to, my druid themed crew however can I justify the huge cost compared to a normal crew...

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is it just the plastic rasputina model you are not a fan of?

she had a couple sculpts in metal, her original( which wasnt bad at all) and her alt sculpt which im actually a fan of...

I actually dont like the plastic rasputina sculpt.... and if i were going to field her icy magesty, id get the alt sculpt metal for her.... the rest of the plastic crew i liked though.

if its more of a theme thing though, as long as its understood what is what, friendly games shouldnt be a problem with whatever you go with....tournament play may be a different scene though.... having your opponent constantly trying to remember that this model is actually an icegamin and that model is a wendigo and this model is a ice golem....can get a bit disruptive to some...


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I like the Golem and the Gamins. The Wendigo I've seen detached from the bloke and it looks better leaping over a rock or such.

Raspi I do not like. The only version I vaguely like is the alternate version where she is flying. But she does not convey the same meanness as her rules would indicate. Sonia and the others at least look like they mean business...

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the thing to remember when you strive for faction cohesivness in malifaux is that they are separete crews with different goals and from different parts of the organisation.

Its not 40k or even a modern army where everyone has the same genes or at least the same uniform.

I tend to think of them more as the bounty hunters in empire strikes back then a group of stormtroopers. Theyre all there for the same mission but anything not part of the cult of december are on loan as a favour from ramos or whoever.

"Listen raspy i need this done but im busy beeing the unionleader at this new bridgeopening ceremony hobnobbing with a bunch of guild officials and esablishing my alibi, i will however send along some spider constructs to help you"

If you strive for consistency across the faction i look forward to seeing you do colletes crew. An easier solution is to have them all in heavy coats but a snowstorm in garters and stocking are far more hillarious. If they all have to tie into one another that is.

But each to his or her own i guess. I couldnt stand painting the same thing in 40k and warmachine so every squad in 40k was a different warband and part of taskforce:pox

My cryx army have different paintjobs for different units theyre all bright and colourfull and share a basing theme so noone is going to misstake them for anything but a part of my army anyway.

When it comes to malifaux i dont have a theme for the warband but usually keep the same basing theme for a group within the faction based on where they would be most likely to find themselves.

Hm this spiraled into something less helpful and more an expose on my insanity.

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Since you're familiar with Khador models, maybe Zerkova would make a good 'Tina? Though I'd swear Sorscha and Rasputina were seperated at birth.

One theme that could be cool is to paint the golem and gamin to look like obsidian rock rather than ice. That would be really difficult to pull off effectively, but it could be interesting. Give 'Tina a black coat and the Wendigo black fur to tie them in with the others.

If you don't like the Wendigo's "victim", it should be fairly simple to make it look like it's vaulting over some kind of obstacle.

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If I understand this correctly, Rasputina's model is out, still good for Gamin and Golem? If you want to stick to ice theme, there's tons of models in the 28mm range (or that wonderful new '28-32ish' range) that could possibly step in as a crazy ice lady.


If it's an issue specifically with her fluff, change it! In a world as strange and varied as Malifaux the notion that there are other similarly-minded folks isn't too much a stretch. If you want to do a different theme, but same rules, remember that December is one of many similar creatures that all like to manipulate people. Perhaps yours is "July", a fan of fire, heat, dryness, and similar, mortal enemy of what December stands for. Then you could use that desert-themed main model, paint the gamin and golem with a more desert feel, (possibly swap in a Skorne ancient soul thing as opposed to the wendigo) and your adherents of december are wearing all that protective clothing in the same way bedouins do in a sandstorm!


I think the secret is to shortlist for yourself which models you like, which you want to replace, and then find ones you like as replacements. If you're only swapping out one or two models, it shouldn't be too hard to keep track. If it's a whole-force counts-as, you might annoy some folks.

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My local group doesn't seem to mind too much and my mate I play with doesn't either. So I think the desert theme is the most realistic really.




1) What could a desert-theme Wendigo be?


2) Are the Silent Ones more combat-based or magic-based.... affects the sort of model that would suit them.


3) what about a desert-themed Blessed One?

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My local group doesn't seem to mind too much and my mate I play with doesn't either. So I think the desert theme is the most realistic really.




1) What could a desert-theme Wendigo be?


2) Are the Silent Ones more combat-based or magic-based.... affects the sort of model that would suit them.


3) what about a desert-themed Blessed One?


1) Maybe some sort of lizard? Like a little raptor thing?


2) way magic based


3) A werewolf or coyote type thing maybe?

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if you want to go desert you might want to take a look at the helldorado saracen range as they have a lot of dijins and efrit desert fire sand and wind/water spirits.


Think geenie from aladin. you should be able to find a whole raspy crew in there if you want to go arabian desert instead of a mad max kind of thing


circle of oreboros have a caster called moshar the desert walker or something but i guess hes not more desert then the other circle druds really just that you paint them in sand colours if youre going down that route.

Skorne are technically desert aswell.

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Ideas on alternate raspi theme....



What about: - alternate druid theme


Silent One



Or... a different theme.... Lightning
Or... more armoured-techno mage

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