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I need inspiration for bases.


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Early in my first foray through The Breach I had a Pandora box + Doppelganger, I had sculpted unique bases for each one with save the Sorrows which I ended up liking the most.

For the Sorrows I had printed a scaled down image of one of the sides of the Lament Configuration from the Hellraiser movies. I glued the image to a piece of cardstock i mounted to the base, touched it up with a bit of paint and put a gloss sealer on it before mounting the model to it. They turned out quite nice.

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This isn't exactly inspiration but most of my Neverborn are on bases with standard sand, except painted purple and drybrushed with a lighter purple, to simulate the spooky dreamworld they come from. I wanted a uniform base scheme for the faction and there wasn't really anywhere else it made a ton of sense for them to all be. The purple goes well with green, too.

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I always use base inserts for Wyrd's miniatures, it makes them even more alive.

The inserts they sell here are good for most crews, but i've found Groundwerks bases inserts to sometimes be even better. They have some "see through" bases as well, which you can use to do trick painting techniques (using that for the ice gamins and golems).

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