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Trouble with Dreamer crew cohesiveness


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So I have been painting my Dreamer crew and have made some pretty good progress. I have Chompy mostly done, my three daydreams, a Stitched, and I just finished a Teddy that I am very happy with. I decided to take a break from my Chompy, and try my Alps...and then it hit me. They really don't aesthetically mesh with the rest of the crew. Neither does Coppelius, and the Stitched can sort of fit, and yet sort of still don't when I look at them too long.

The question is, what can I do to keep my crew with such differently themed models cohesive? It wasn't a problem with my Resser crew, zombies and dirt kind of lend themselves toward a brown palette, but the nightmares are all over the place. Daydreams are fun and bright, Teddy and Chompy have some brightness too, but those Alps and Coppelius seem to need more subdued colors for their more sinister lurk in the shadows tone.

Aside from basing which will certainly help, I just can't think of a way to keep it all together. Maybe that's the point and I am just being crazy, but I'd like to have look like they belong together in some fashion.

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Unfortunately, my daydreams, Teddy, and Chompy are all different colors. It works fine for them because they are all very bright and colorful so they are more or less joined together in that respect. When I initially thought of how the crew would look in my mind I figured a child would imagine a vibrant mixed bag of colorful monsters, so that is the way I went with it. With the Alp and Cop models painting them that way just doesn't seem to fit the style of the sculpt. Of course that is without putting any paint on them.

So without a through line of every model having the same color on it (too late to go back now) I am really struggling to find a way to make the bright models look like they belong with what I think need to be dark and more subdued models.

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