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Tara and Hans - a brutal combination?

Hateful Darkblack

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It's 6ap that requires you to spend one to copy Smile, then one to take the shot. So you can shoot twice with no focus, or shoot once with focus. You'd have to copy smile each activation as it only lasts to the end of the activation. At best you'd get two focussed shots, or four normal ones, each turn. That's if you don't have to move to get into position, and you don't get to ignore auras/pulses etc.

It sounds good, but it seems like it's a lot of resources just to dink an upgrade off a master - Hans not doing anything, a death marshals activation, and all of Tara's efforts (and her upgrade).

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Yep, it requires some setup. You also need to burn some cards to make sure the Death Marshall keeps Hans in the Pine Box.

I suspect, though, that the return on investment for all the resources needed might be quite good.

I'm not so sure. There are very few masters that are utterly crippled without their upgrades, and in the mean time you are parking Tara in shooting/charging/whatever range all turn. The only masters I can think of who'd really object would be dreamer and Yan lo. Dreamer can just dump the shot off and I'm pretty sure Yan Los totem stops this trick in its tracks.

For my money I'd throw the fast killjoy into the opposing master and just KILL them.

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not if he's buried by a death marshall


Or if you use Karina with her upgrade and keep her near the fight.

This is a "cute" trick, but unless you can guarantee the rest of her crew is out there grabbing objectives, its A LOT of AP for something that may cripple the master. If you're taking Hans with Tara I think he does better going solo taking upgrades off the other models (i.e. non-master). Let him do his thing while Tara goes around doing her thing.

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