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"With a Flourish" ~ A Malifaux love story


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Mr. P. Charming is looking for crews to help him win over the heart of his true love, but his rival is also hiring crews to stop this nonsense. Who will you join, love or hate?

Join the action at Game Shoppe and see what side will win.

Details below:

Where? Game Shoppe 1406 Harlan Dr. Bellevue NE 68005 (402) 292-4263

When? Saturday Feb 8th

Time? Encounters start at 11am and the event ends at 5pm. Get there early to check out the encounters.

Cost? $5 gets you in

All encounters will be 50ss. Wave 1 model only. All models need to be painted and based. Proxies are allowed for models that have not been released yet. Other proxies allowed if properly based and approved by the TO.

There will be a painting contest! The crew you use in the first encounter will used for judging. So make sure that first crew is up for the stuff.

Prizes go to overall winner, the best on each side, the worst player, and winner of the painting contest. There will also be more bonuses and prizes to win also!

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