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My Pandora crew


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So I took everyone's advice to heart on doing blood and bought some Tamiya clear red. For the record, this stuff looks, smells, and has the same consistancy of cough syrup. No i didn't taste it, but i did think about it :) Other than that it is pretty great stuff. I watched a Vid by Lester Bursley about mixing blue and/or purple in it and I love how it comes out. Messing with that stuff game me the opportunity to finish my Malifaux Pandora crew as well.

After putting the pics on the comp I realized I didn't get the safety pin on baby kade, pandora's earrings, and candy's hair barrets. Fixed now but i didn't want to redo the pics.

Of course...Pics or it didn't happen.

Backside of the doppleganger was the test target:




Front pics in the family photo.

One of my favorite mini's of all, Baby Kade:




Love that little guy!

His sister Candy:




And the family Photo:


C and C welcome.

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